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Yosemite Sam: This town ain't big enough fer the two of us!
Bugs Bunny: It ain't?
Yosemite Sam: No it ain't!
Bugs Bunny: I'll fix that.



Spring is a varied and unpredictable time in Yosemite, but we believe it is the most magical. Generally starting hereabouts April to mid-June you will find spring in the mountains is all about altitude. The wildflowers and green grass debut in April and the songbirds come with the budding trees in May. In any case, beat the crowds and come early for a grand show of the waterfalls anytime.

EASTER WEEK: The Cafe will sport a great Easter menu along with spring events, see NEWS tab above. Spring Break starts up to a month before and up to a week afterwards. Fireside music starts in mid May twice a week.

WATERFALLS NOW! Yes, waterfalls everywhere. This is the TRUE Rivendell.
See Yosemite Falls at the paved Lower Yosemite Falls bus stop and take the Upper Yosemite Falls trail from Camp 4 past lunch spot Columbia Rock for a stunning up close view.
Vernal Falls is splashing mist into the heavens and you can get wet and smiley trudging up the Mist Trail to lunch at the top sbove the fall line. Be sure to glimpse the Illilouette Falls on the way up far right ridgeline. Dogs on leashes can go to the bridge.
If you are crazy in love with falls, go up the John Muir Trail past Vernal & Nevada Falls around the Panorama Trail past Illilouette Falls to Glacier point. Then down 4 Mile Trail showing you the Yosemite Falls across the Valley. Along with a bunch of others. Do this in late spring..
Of course, stop at Bridalveil Falls jetting from the bottom of a stunning glacial hanging valley formation. This is short & paved and allows dogs. You can also see this from Tunnel View point and from the El Capitan Valley Loop stop.
From this stop look for the rare Ribbon Falls to the left of El Capitan. Ribbon is the sixth tallest free-falling falls in the world.
For excellent photography look for the Horseshoe Falls to the right of El Capitan, but you must come the 19th to the 24th of February to catch it with the sunset for a "Firefall" that lasts a few minutes.
You will find many other falls and cascades, from the Cascades to the Step Falls. Some years, water just pours down from everywhere. Make your own discoveries.
In warm, uncrowded, Hetch Hetchy day in mid-spring. park at the dam, walk across it into a tunnel, then follow the trail past two waterfalls: Wapama and Tueeulala. For a longer day walk all the way to Rancheria Falls with the bridge over it.
For Yosemite veterans, look for the sly Chilnualna Falls in the Wawona Valley. It hides from you until you are upon it.

WHITEWATER RAFTING is the biggest attraction on the Merced River from April through June. The rafting takeout is just 3 miles from the Bug. The Merced, one of Yosemite's gems, pulses and undulates, and makes an exciting addition to your stay. You'll find thrilling Class III and IV whitewater. and straightaways someone should push you in for a swim. Many companies offer Merced River with lunch just Google. This is a fantastic family or group activity. The raft rentals on the Merced are within the Park and are for summer only.

KAYAKING season starts in March on the Merced River, but know that you must have your own equipment to enjoy. BYOK. Kayaking is popular from the Red Bud Day Use Area this side of El Portal all the way past the Class VI Merced falls to Bagby Reservoir. We are the best stop for a hot tub, sauna, cold beer and hot meal afterwards.

MOUNTAIN BIKING is still great in the lower elevations outside the Park. There is nowhere in the Park to ride except for paved areas after May. You can ride singletrack going upstream from the Bay Bridge look-alike at the Briceberg BLM Merced Wild and Scenic Day Use area three miles down from the Bug. It has been cleared for about five miles on an old rail bed going upstream on the left. You may have to pop your bike over a downed log or little stream, but who cares, it's on the sunnyside of the river!

WILDFLOWER HIKE along the South Fork of the Merced in wildflower season is worth all four miles there. Beautiful wildflowers and deep canyon scenery make this walk exceptional. You will find it a fantastic dog trail. At the end of this hike you will see some old Victorian Mine equipment before coming upon the Hite's Gold Mine remains. $3 million in gold was taken from this vein.
Since the same place was the wintering ground for the Ahwahnee Indians from Yosemite Valley, a squaw who became John Hite's wiffe showed him the gold.
Furthermore, the Mariposa Battalion massacred many of the tribe at the same spot after a spat with the lying Savage Trading Post still at the trailhead. THIS HIKE IS CLOSED IN SUMMER.

BUG HIKE & BIRDING: Check out our own groovy trail around the Bug 50 acres. You will see more birds than most other places, including the park. My favorites are the Black-headed Grosbeak for it's song and the Western Tanager for it's color. Walk among black oak groves and tall alder nooks. Follow a creek in flood with waterfalls, or sit contemplating hummingbirds along a lazy, grassy stream. We see deer, turkeys, boars, bears, bobcats, skunks, etc around our place; they come year round because we have a spring. See flowers of all types in microclimes that support cooler buckeyes and redbuds in April, and hotter poppies, daisies and lupine. Red flowers for hummingbirds, and white flowers for huge moths. Occasionally, you will surprise redtail hawks or blue herons. The route is steep and slippery in places, so be prepared with correct shoes. The route down to the swimming hole and creek island is fairly easy with steps. if you have a bit, do wander around and take up to an hour about the Bug Loop.

SWIMMING: Starts about mid-May for the brave at Hornet's Nest and other holes thats march down the Bear Creek from the Bug. Also look for rivulets that have holes before emptying into the Merced like the one under the Rust Bridge at the end of the Merced Wlld and Scenic Areas's campground road.

Slightly out of the Valley stop at Tunnel View. Excellent place to easily see the whole valley with waterfalls. The Bronze replica is fantastic. There is a Happy Isles Nature Center at the Vernal Falls bus stop that's great for families that opens in May. It has a fantastic fens barkwalks just outside for the spring. Also at Yosemite Village it the trio of the Natural History Museum, the Indian Village and the Cemetery. nearby walk through the large Black Oak Groves where the Native Americans collected acorn and listen to the birds. Look for American Dippers in the water at nearby Yosemite Creek.
WAWONA : Enroute to the Mariposa Grove or Chilnualna Falls stop at Wawona & see the Covered Bridge, Pioneer History Center & poke about the Victorian Wawona Hotel
MARIPOSA: Take some time and stop to see the Gold Rush Portion of Mariposa. You can stop and look for goodies about the antiques and collectables shop that line the old portion. The Old Jail is one block up, as is the Odd Fellows Hall. Along the Mariposa Creek below is a Botany Walk and an Art Park. Just south is the old white clapboard Catholic Church, and just north is the oldest operational Courthouse west of the Mississippi. Of course you cannot miss Prospector's Brewery.

Yosemite Falls

Vernal Falls

Rafting on the Merced River

Spring Insects

Redbud in April

Mirror Lake in Spring

Music at the Cafe

Apres Whitewater

Wildflowers at Hite Cove

Hornets' Nest Swimming hole

Cycling along Merced River
What does Yosemite look like today?

View of Yosemite Falls Yosemite Falls


View of Yosemite Falls Half Dome


View of Yosemite Falls El Capitan


View of Yosemite Falls High Sierra


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